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Soleus SQ1708-HR Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Wristband

  • Model: SQ1708-HR


What's the best way for a healthier, faster, motivated and fit you? Enter the Soleus SQ1708HRM Fitness Wristaband. Keeping fit can be a challege but keeping motivated is the real test. With features such as Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) of up to 100 hours, battery life of up to 10 days, GPS calibration of 95% accuracy and interchangable bands, the SQ1708 is your secret weapon.
With the ability to work on iOS and andriods, the SQ1708 is there to track, train and motivate throughout your journey to a healtheir you.

* Stylish activity tracker with Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)
* Keep track of fitness activities, exercise, heatlh, sleep and weight in order to keep motivated on your journey to a healthier you.
* Built-in ultra low power optical HRM sensor
* Continuously track heart rate up to 100 hours
* Power efficient operation, battery life up to 10 days with every charge
* Vibration alert with text and sender information for both iOS and Android
* Sunlight readable screen
* GPS to see real time speed, latitude, pace and distance. Metrics accuracy at 95%
* Light weight and comfort wear material
* Easy changeable band
* Custom logo available
* 1 year limited warranty

Pricing above is in Canadian currency.