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This Seiko Westminster / Whittington Chime Clock is an instant classic. Every household should be equipped with one, with features such as European style finish, elegant modern grand father clock pendulum, Solid oak casing, and hourly strikes, the Westminster / Whittington Chime Clock takes the notion of grand father clocks and gives it a modern twist.

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Seiko Westminster / Whittington Chime Clocks - Silver Pendulum

  • Model: QXH025B


Solid alder case
Glass crystal
* Westminster/Whittington quarter hour chime
* Hourly strikes
* Volume control
* Night time silencer

Functions: Chime
Material / Color: Alder / Brown
Dial Color: White with silver index
Hands: 2 hands
Product Size: 22 1/2 x 9 3/4 x 5
Warranty: 1 year



Pricing above is in Canadian currency.