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About Us

Time has been with us since the beginning of…well, time. It is all around us and we can’t get rid of it even if we tried. But somewhere down the line, keeping track of time has been breached with digitalized mechanics and kids pulling out their phones instead of rolling up their sleeves. What happened in between? Has time lost its niche and become the grandfather of modernization? Or are we just overshadowed by products that are supposedly beyond its time? Here at Matsuda, we strive to revive the sophistication of timepieces, the elegance of wristwatches, and the craftsmanship of wall clocks.

Matsuda has established itself as one of the most trusted and well-known timepiece distributors in North America, contributing their ever-growing product line since 1984. Our goal is to produce the most durable, dependable, yet stylish timepieces at affordable prices. With our prominent in-house style of watches, partnered with brand names such as Seiko, Pulsar, Columbia and Soleus, Matsuda continues to exceed expectations, propelling the view of timepieces to a much greater level. With a renowned product line and a one of a kind customer service, time has definitely come a long way since the first sundial.

We are a watch manufacturer, specializing in custom logo and promotional timepieces. With over 25 years in the business, we pride ourselves in our expertise, our unique product line and in our excellent customer service.

Matsuda products are not sold directly to the public. They are marketed solely through the Promotional Product Distributor Network. If you are a member of PPPC, PPAI, SAGE, and PromoBullit, please refer to the association’s directories for our locations.

We are the timepiece professional, expect us to be better.